Checklist for Hiring a Delivery Service Provider

Written By Kurian Benjamin

On December 16, 2019

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Checklist for Hiring a Delivery Service Provider

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Summary: This article will be illustrating the key points or checklist that you should be following to hire a delivery service provider for your business.

To make quicker deliveries, you need a logistics partner or service provider who is capable enough to handle and transport your parcel properly. If your product reaches its desired destination in intact condition and within the anticipated period, you know you have picked the right delivery partner. But are these two criteria sufficient to justify your choice of a delivery service partner? Honestly, No! There are a lot of other factors that you need to consider before making any final decision.
So, here are the 5 questions that you need to inquire upon choosing a particular provider.

Is the business licensed?

Always hire a licensed logistics provider as it ensures that your packages are secured and protected during their transit.

Check whether the company provides tracking facilities?

After you have hired your choice of courier service, it is natural that you will want to check its whereabouts twice or thrice a day till it reaches its location. Though it’s true that an agency with all the good reputation of on-time delivery will never disappoint you, there is no harm in asking whether they offer live tracking option. With the tracking assistance, you can keep a check on your parcels from time to time.

Is their appearance professional?

If you, being a business owner, hire a courier firm for delivering your supplies then you need to be extra cautious. Since now it is your company’s extension, it must maintain the same image and quality during service delivery. Trained and well-behaved drivers are a must condition while selecting any partner.

Is their customer service reliable?

Poor customer service experience is one important factor that turns most customers off. Eventually, this will affect your brand and business as well. So what you need to check is that whether your courier service is resourceful and capable of handling customer queries on a prior basis, Delay in delivery, wrong parcel delivery issues are some of the most common problems faced by the customers. So, when a frustrated customer tries to reach you to seek a solution and there is no one from your end to address the issue infuriates him further. So to avoid such kind of situation make sure your logistics partner has a 24*7 customer support team who are not only reliable but also very much responsive.

Check whether they have a warehouse of their own

There are many service providers who in spite of not having any warehouse make false promises to their customers just to increase sales. Hence, it is advisable to ask your vendor directly if they have a dedicated warehouse or not. As you are putting a lot of money in their service, you have the right to know this before partnering with the concerned company. A dedicated warehouse implies better security and control over your company’s deliverables.

Hope, these questions will make things clear on your part regarding which direction you should go while outsourcing delivery services. If the checklist for your chosen partner, comprising these above-mentioned 5 questions, is all ticked right, then you are good to go with them.

Author bio:… is an experienced copywriter and Delivery Reporting Manager at a notable delivery services company that offers quick, timely and all-inclusive delivery services to big business houses, small traders, hospitals, office sectors, and individual customers.


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